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    Smile My Review of Iniuria

    Hello, I am DQX3 I do not post here on the forums often but here is my review on Iniuria.

    When I first found out about Iniuria I decided to give it a go, what really wanted me to try Iniuria out was the undetected streak it currently holds, I dont want to buy a cheat and constantly recieve VAC bans.
    My first purchase was Iniuria for 1 month, around March 2017. The setup was very easy and took no more than 10-15 minutes, PatchGuard was a little confusing at first but I slowly understood how it worked.
    Once loaded into the CSGO home screen I pressed insert a few times unable to open the menu from the home screen, this got me a little confussed but I am sure there is a good reason for this.
    I had finally started a game (aginst bots) once opened I was blown away by how simple and easy the menu was to use, I have used many cheat in the pastand many of them are just simply to confusing
    and make you spend hours creating your own config. Once I had actually got the menu fully working I decided to go find some configs, I found some great configs and installation
    was just super easy, just a simple drag & drop. I had downloaded a config that worked perfect for me and I still use it to this day, I must say Iniuria does not have the best rage settings, but that is also why I like it,
    the less options it has the easier it is to use, I guess in the future rage could be an option just made as simple as possible.
    I stopped cheating with Iniuria for a while as I stopped playing CSGO, but then I decided to buy Iniuria again for 1 month on July 8th, once again just the same process, download everything install Patchguard it is super easy
    the first time you have done it. I find Iniuria one of the best cheats you can possibly get to this day I would 100% recomend it to a friend.

    PS: I bought Iniuria lifetime on the 6th of August 2017, and plan to continue using this cheat.
    Iniuria Lifetime
    Time Owning Iniuria: 3Months

    VAC: 0
    Overwatch: 0

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    Nice Review. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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    Thank your good detailed review
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    Nice Review. Thanks for sharing this with us.

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