View Full Version : [English] Customer Review Tom Clancy's: The Division

03-29-2016, 06:13 PM

I use iniuria for a while now, mostly for csgo
I recently bought the division hack
the hack is very good and ''laconic'' (it has the things that you need in a hack , and not useless addons )

* Rating *

Aimbot 9/10 (close to perfect , it was some flaws [like sometimes when you are under cover , and enemies are at your range of fire , it wont lock them] )
Teleport 10/10 (awesome , just dont use it on DZ when pvp cause you ll get reported)
Visuals 10/10 (perfect)

Overall 9.6/10

Also , if possible , i would like to see a feature on aimbot , when pk ''dont aim at mobs behind''

03-29-2016, 06:21 PM
Thanks for your testimonial :)