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12-24-2020, 12:46 PM
Here is a review to Iniuria Battlefield 1 cheat 2020
I want to point out that this is my first review of any cheat.

- I bought the game from Steam Winter sale 2020 (€9.99) Steam version force you to download and start the game from Origin launcher.
- PC Specs: RTX 2070, I7-6700k, 16GB RAM, 2560x1440 Monitor

- Aimbot is really basic. You set aim time in milliseconds, and it will aim that amount of time "for you". It does the job, but I am not fun of this solution. I don't feel like I get any advantage when using it.
- I recommend to set two (or more) quick config saves for classes. For sniper class I recommend bind aim key to mouse4 or mouse5, since otherwise gun will shoot first before aiming "kicks in".
- "No switch" doesn't work or it doesn't do what I think it should do (which is to make gun switching instant)
- "Bullet prediction" not 100% sure if this work either. It isn't so clear if it really predict anything.

- With 1280x720 Windowed you can play with any visuals on. However, with fullscreen 1920x1080 or 2560x1440 game will crash (even if you just have 2d boxes on) in 10-20min. I assume there is a memory leak of some kind?
- Visuals are basic and effective. Only issue is that you cant use them without crashing (except if you are play with 1280x720 Windowed)

- Radar crashes the game. It works in main menu, but as soon as you join to the match it will crash the game.
Doesn't seems to matter if you enable it after or before you join the match (I also tested this with multiple resolutions 1920x1080 and 2560x1440 + windowed/fullscreen with same result)

- Crosshair is kind of pointless feature, and I assume they added it since why not and "more features".

Other / Bugs:
- If you change game resolution after you have injected the cheat, Iniuria doesn't recognize this and ESP/visuals will be "cropped" to be only visible in "old resolution".
- Cheat menu open bind is F2 which is kind of weird since every other cheat by Iniuria uses Insert key.

Iniuria Battlefield 1 cheat is outdated and need to be re-coded. They (Iniuria) have marked this cheat as "Online / Undetected" in https://iniuria.us/forum/showthread.php?42165-Status-of-all-our-Cheats
which is in my opinion false advertisement since half (visuals / misc) of the features crashes the game, meaning that you can only use aimbot (without game crashing every 10-20min).

P.S: "I understand that I cannot return/cancel/refund this purchase after it is downloaded."

EDIT: I will edit my review if they fixes the crashing when using visuals and/or radar.
EDIT2: I forgot to change title, I counted totally 3.7hr to this game when messing with this cheat

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excellent post.

04-19-2023, 05:27 AM
Thx for this review.