View Full Version : [English] bf1 Revolution not working, do not buy

09-16-2023, 09:26 PM
I bought the BF1 cheat for 1 week, but when I enter the game, the computer immediately shuts down and restarts and the cheat does not work. 15 euros was garbage, sorry.

09-17-2023, 03:16 AM
So you choose to make a review thread rather then making a support thread to try and get help into fixing the issue?
Thats rough. I'm sure if you requested help it would be looked into further.

Disgraceful to see a review thread posted before you even attempted to get the problem fixed.

09-17-2023, 05:04 AM
What wallhacks said. Not asking for help in resolving the issue is your fault, not ours. If it was entirely up to me, people like you would be getting permanently banned despite having other lifetime subs.

09-17-2023, 11:15 AM
I apologize to everyone, I made a mistake, but I asked for help with BF1s and the return on the other forum, but I didn't get any response and it didn't say anything about cheats, standards and revolution, so I wrote it, I'm saying it again, I'm sorry.

09-17-2023, 11:24 AM
I thought Bf1 was the same as standard and revolution

09-17-2023, 04:39 PM
restart computer and try again please

09-17-2023, 05:33 PM
I reset the pc again, but unfortunately it crashed again and restarts itself. It stops at 4/5 and crashes. Is it because I'm playing on Steam? Is it giving an error and it's a revolution?

09-18-2023, 12:10 PM
Hey Glock,

Please be calm and give me some time I will try my best to explain you how I resolved everything - My BF1 was crashing too but it was my issue not the inuria --

My cheat is working fine now and I played almost 16 hours without any issue so far.

I'm at office rn and will right you in a few - until then please check that you are not using a patchguard mode also what direct X you are currently running - BF1 don't support Directx12

For self support try googling how to check what direct x you have and patchguard is simple if you had windows 10 you must be using patchguard for CSGO

09-18-2023, 01:01 PM
windows 10 or windows 11? which version?
open cmd and type ver

09-18-2023, 05:06 PM

First of all Battlefield 1 and Battlefield Revolution is same, Revolution is just the full remastered version of the old Battlefield 1 in which there very very few maps and guns so these two titles are same and BF Revolution is BF1 actually.

Now to fix your game, if you are using windows 10 or 11 use Beta Client don't use patch guard mode as the cheat won't work in Patch Guard mode.

You can download the Client Beta Version from here https://www.iniuria.us/forum/client_download.php (click on Download BETA Win10/Win11)

Now there is also a point weather your pc is running on DirectX11 or DirectX12 - since the game don't support DirectX12 so you have to be on DirectX11.

How to check which DirectX version you have, follow the bottom points:

Click Start, and then click Run.
Type dxdiag, and then click OK.
On the System tab, note the version of DirectX that is displayed on the DirectX Version line.
On the various tabs, check the version information for each DirectX file.

If you PC says something like this picture https://www.tenforums.com/attachments/tutorials/295019d1598632912-how-check-version-directx-installed-windows-10-a-directx_version.png?
Then please downgrade your directX version to 11 - REMEMBER you cannot uninstall or delete directX it will expire your windows version and you'll be F***** UP so please downgrade it do not try to delete or uninstall it.

Here is how you going to downgrade the DirectX to 11 from 12

Right-click Computer or This PC and choose Properties.
Click Advanced System Settings.
Under the Advanced tab, click Environment Variables.
Under System Variables, click New.
Enter GS_DEVICE for the name and Dx9 for the value (or Dx11 if going down from Dx12).
Click OK on all the windows.

Do a sweet restart at this point to take the things effect in the bios - IF YOU CHECK THE DIRECTX VERSION AGAIN AS PER MY EARLIER STEP YOU'LL SEE THE SAME DIRECTX12 BUT IT ACTUALLY ACTING 11th version due to your command to system.
It already downgrade it since the windows genuinely had X12 so it will still show you x12

Use USB stick to use the client - Open Client sign in - Run the loader - do not inject - Again do not inject just signed in and leave the screen where it shows games and their frameworks.

Now run your game BF1 from steam once and do not touch anything else - Let the game run and when it shows Game page ie the Menu page then click on the BF1 framework and start injecting.

I hope this helps and let you play the game bro - if not then please do follow the steps from TakeDown or PureHate !!

Be Patient - Be Calm do not post negative comments - everything will be resolved - Inuria Team always listen to you!

Thank you!

12-08-2023, 07:43 AM
"Hey, daku, I tried your method, but it's still stuck at 1/5."

12-08-2023, 11:55 AM
"Hey, daku, I tried your method, but it's still stuck at 1/5."

Add windows 7 compatibility and admin rights under properties of the battlefield1.exe

12-08-2023, 12:01 PM
I've modified it, but still can't do it, it's always at 1/5

12-08-2023, 12:13 PM
Add windows 7 compatibility and admin rights under properties of the battlefield1.exe

I've modified it, but still can't do it, it's always at 1/5