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  1. thank you so mutch

    thank you so mutch
  2. trust factor and honest opinion of the cheat

    I am currently using a cheat that has only left me frustrated, in relation to the confidence factor, in the first match of the day it continues to be normal finding matches in 3 minutes at most but...
  3. I currently use a ch34t which in the first search...

    I currently use a ch34t which in the first search for a match is fast, in the following searches it takes a long time to find it, and I undo it very well and I know that it is not because of a...
  4. Doubts about how the cheat works in Brazil

    I have three questions
    1- if I buy the cheat cs go lifetime I will be able to use the cheat in cs 2

    2- the cheat is undetectable on Brazilian servers
    3- Does it have a risk of trust factor red?
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