Haey, so i've been using iniuria now for 3 days and its awesome! I used to play CS:S with iniuria on EAC and it was great.
But since iniuria released CS:GO cheat i was like " lets try this". So i bought iniuria CS:GO and started playing on EAC, i havent been called a cheater once! Play legit with legit aimbot settings and no one will suspect a thing
A little thing i noticed is that it gets easier to get kills without nospread if you use like Rage trigger on mouse4 ( or whatever button you wanna use ) and start to spray or burst or whatever, the bullets goes to the body. Its AWESOME!
But there is one thing i noticed on Nospread, I used noshake nospread in the beginning but then i noticed that it makes this little weird shake ineye, and since there isnt any GoTV yet i'm recording POV demos and that little shake is visible there :/.

Im playing with 2 in fov and smooth 4 and no nospread.
And when i wanna get a spraydown or just a normal kill i burst with normal fire button and i hold in my rage trigger button at the same time and then the kills just gets like BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! The frags are just rolling in into your scoreboard .

So since im more of that legit and a fraghunting gamer this hack is awesome for me.

Im totally recommending this cheat to everyone who wanna have a good legit hack for EAC
Just disable Visuals/ESP and it shall be fine on screenshots
I have used RoyalHack and organner before but iniuria is the best <3

Iniuria [4/5]

Thanks takedown!