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    Thumbs up Iniuria Review

    Let me start off by saying that after trying out many other cheats (Including league designed ones), this is the best for legit and semi-legit play.
    And I know, every cheat forum has all sugar coated positive reviews, but I'm being honest and I have posted negative reviews on other cheats before.

    Aimbot: 10/10
    All the aimbot features there are. But the thing that makes Iniuria's aimbot stand out is how well it works and at the same time looks natural and legitimate. The recoil control system makes you have excellent shots that don't look suspicious unlike some other cheat providers. Other aimbot's RCS I have used miss a lot of shots and/or suspicious, and Iniuria's aimbot is the best I have used so far.

    Triggerbot: 9.5/10
    Close to perfect, all the features and configuraiton you can get, hits every shot. One thing I would HIGHLY recommend is a configuration option that lets you shoot a certain number of bullets after an enemy has died, and a configurable random chance that a bullet will shoot even if your crosshair is not on the enemy after you have already fired shots. This will make Iniuria's triggerbot great for legitimate play with weapons other than sniper rifles. (Such as deagles, AK-47, ect.)

    ESP: 9.5/10
    All the features you will need, configurable. Even visibility check, which occasionally bugs out for a few seconds, but it doesn't bother me much.

    Misc: 7/10
    Won't matter if you're going for a legit/semi-legit playstyle. This isn't the best cheat for rage hacking, but it would work. Misc. features such as nospread and norecoil are detected in MM.

    Security: 7/10
    Gets detected every once in a while. Nothing special.

    Support: 8.5/10
    Reply time usually less than 24hrs and up to 36-48hrs. Admins are VERY friendly and help you when you need it. When I first bought the cheat, the automatic activation system didn't activate me (Possibly because I registered with a different email than my paypal) but it got sorted out in less than a day. Teamspeak is usually empty though. (Although last time I checked was about a month ago, my time zone is EST)

    Overall: 9/10
    Iniuria has the best aimbot and triggerbot I've ever used. It doesn't have the best security but it's not bad either. I would recommend this as the best cheat out there for a legit/semi-legit playstyle.

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    Thanks for your feedback

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