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    REVIEW FOR : Cs:go full.

    Aimbot: Rage settings are amazing. Although I am not a rage hacker, I tested a rage setting in game and it worked very well... As for legit settings, it leaves something to be desired. The claim is that you can customize each individual weapon with different smooth / fov factors to make the aimbot look more legit, and flow like a normal mouse would if you could aim that well. I did not experience this, I was ONLY able to get the global settings to work, meaning all guns have the same fov / smooth and this looks terrible on, for example, pistols when you have a fov over 2... All and all the aimbot leaves alot to be desired. I'd give it a 4/10 for perfect rage settings, but lacking in legitimate play style.

    Trigger bot: Seems to work, but again, the legitimacy in some of the shots is highly questionable, and after reviewing a game on my smurf, I'd of overwatch banned myself. Maybe you can play with the settings to get yourself a little more random and a little less holy fucking headshot... but I was unable to find this setting in over 10 games of testing. 3/10 for it working, and again rage mode being perfect.

    Community: As far as I am concerned this is a huge issue. I have waited over 72 hours waiting for support, detailed issues I was having, and still have no answer. The regular members infact insulted me, one of the admins banned me from the shoutbox for speaking my mind about the lack of support, and I was given an infraction for double / tripple posting when the information given was pertinent to the questions I was asked. I give this a 0/10 for lack of friendliness and a severe lack of support.

    VAC Detection and Updates: I have not been banned on an account I was not obvious on. 10/10. Not to impressed still though, as all private hacks should strive to remain undetected and safe for their paying users !

    ESP: Now here is where I will give a great review. The esp features are highly customizable. There are many different ways to use it, and some of the options are outright amazing for an undetected cheat. The only thing I will critisize here is the amount of cs:go game crashes I get while using any esp. It seems to have some problems running and constantly shuts itself down when certain features are active. However, the esp is still amazing, and I will give it an 8/10.

    Client: All and all that equals out to 25/50, or 5/10. I would not buy this hack again for the reasons listed above, but for most of the people here it seems to work quite well for them. It just isn't for me...

    Things to note : 1) The recoil control system seems to have a glitch where instead of compensating for the spray and pulling down... it pulls up. 2) There is no middle option for smooth. It is either to high and obvious, or to low and not noticeable / fast enough. 3) Support staff doesn't seem to actually read the original posts users make of issues, they simply reply just to show face. Again, I have had an issue for over 72 hours and not had a single response on it. =/.

    The forum says I can be honest, so I hope this post does not get deleted, as I've detailed why I am dis-satisfied and why I am leaving negative comments / ratings. If this gets deleted, well, I guess fuck freedom of speech too! =P.

    Edit: Bolded out the scores for emphasis.
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    Thanks for your review.
    We would never delete any review!

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