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    Questions and answers for all interested buyers [READ IF YOU'RE NEW TO Iniuria!]

    I see so many people on here interested to buy Iniuria, and ask a lot of stuff.
    And I see mods always writing the same answers, so I wanted to make this thread for
    every newbie to read.

    Q.1. If Iniuria gets detected and I get banned, can I please get a refund?
    A.1. No. You will not get a refund. You are responsible for your own account. Cheat at your own risk.

    Q.2. I've bought the cheat, how do I open up the GUI!!!!
    A.2. Simple, load the cheat up, go ingame, press the Insert key on your keyboard. No matter what cheat and what game, it will work.

    Q.3. Is it ok I give iniuria to my friend?
    A.3. No. Iniuria has low tolerance for people leaking the cheat to other people/to the public.
    Any account that has been leaked on purpose will be banned. Credit card will also be banned, and
    you won't get a refund. All of this is within the ToS.

    Q.4. Last detection for CSGO?
    A.4. 2014. And we hope to keep it that way for a very long time.

    Q.5. I want to remove Patchguard Disabled V4, how do I do that?
    A.5. To get rid of it, press Windows key + R in the same time, type in msconfig, go to boot, and delete Patchguard Disabled V4.
    Note: You MUST be on your default OS to delete PatchGuard. To get to your default OS, go to Update and Security *ONLY if you're on windows 10* and press advanced startup. Then press "use other OS"
    BUT, if you want to cheat again, you WILL have to reinstall patchguard.
    If you have questions, they will be answered shortly.

    Q.6. I have downloaded patchguard disabled, but it gives me error 0x80300024 when i laod it up!!!!!1!
    A.6. To get the cheat working, you MUST open your bios, go to your secure boot settings, and disable it.

    Q.7. I have the cheat but how do I turn off the watermark!?!?
    A.7. There is a way, but it turns off all your visuals, for example: Wallhack, ESP, Chams and anything else. Ingame, press F12, and it disables it.

    Q.8. If I move pc and I get a HWID problem what do I do?
    A.8. You MUST ask for a HWID reset at and remember it can take up to 24 hours!

    Q.9. What windows is supported?
    A.8. Windows 7 is supported. Windows 8.1 is supported and Windows 10 is supported.
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