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    Some questions about CSGO cheat

    i will ask you some questions, if u can, please, answer me

    1. If cheat won't work will i get refund?
    2. Is there any problem with installing it on windows 10?(i saw some things when i was looking at questions and reviews)
    3. Is this cheat eating many fps?
    4. Is there any videos w/ this cheat enabled? I'm looking for gameplay on globals/high leagues at faceit.
    5. What is normal price of lifetime cheat?(CSGO) I think i will buy it around january, but there is only easter price now.
    6. Do you recommend this cheat for playing legit at globals/high faceit leagues?
    7. Is this fully UD on faceit(legitbot)?

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    1. We will help you to get the hack working. If we are not able to solve your problems, you will get a refund.
    2. You have to install a patchguard (secureboot have to be disabled).
    3. No.
    4. Maybe take a look at this channel:
    It's a customer.
    5. 75 Euro.
    6. We don't support any kind of leagues.
    7. We don't support any kind of leagues.
    If you need Support (German & English Support) -> Click

    If you need a HWID Reset -> Click

    Detected Matchmaking Features -> Click

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