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    [CS:GO Lifetime] Review after ~2 months of usage

    Aimbot [9/10]
    The aimbot is smooth and works great. Lots of customization options for all weapons and it does it's job. Minor problem with it is that the RCS can be really buggy and jittery at times, making it look blatant. And some modes don't even seem to work. Could just be the way I'm configging it though.

    Visuals [10/10]
    Nothing wrong with visuals. Again, great amount of in-depth customization and it works perfectly. Also has some unique modules which I haven't seen in any other cheat before.

    Triggerbot [10/10]
    Nothing to complain about here. Very simple module which works as it should, although I do not use it very often.

    Misc [8/10]
    Everything in misc works fine as it should for the most part, however there are some issues with backtrack and autoaccept. When spraying with the backtrack it can dramatically reduce your FPS, especially if it's tracking multiple targets simultaneously. Autoaccept works 90% of the time however it does run into some issues occasionally where it doesn't accept my match correctly and glitches the accept button out.

    Usability [7/10]
    It doesn't really bother me too much, but sometimes it can be slightly inconvenient to have to restart your PC everytime you're done using the cheat. Not to mention you also have to use a different variation of Windows without patchguard as well. Usually other providers don't require this but it's good for extra security I suppose.

    Overall, this is a great cheat especially for people who are aiming to legit hack for an affordable price and I recommend it. I'm looking forward to the menu revamp as well as more features being added in the future. Keep up the good work.
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    Good review!

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    "And some modes don't even seem to work" Which one? Im pretty sure, you made smth wrong but thx for the nice review.

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