Iniuria is by far the best legit cheat I have used over my 2 years of cheating in CS:GO. I've used several other cheat providers and none of them come close to the amount of room you have to change in this cheat.
Aimbot- 9/10 At times it can be wonky but I can drop a solid 30 bomb every game if I try hard.
RCS- 5/10 I don't if I just have it set up wrong but I can barely even notice that the RCS is working I have it on smooth so it doesn't do everything for me because when RCS while aiming or always is on it jerks around and feels unnatural.
Visuals- 10/10 I love the visuals they are very clean and the radar is the best I've used.
Misc- 8/10 Not much here besides bhop which I use all the time but I wish there were a few more features. I know he says he won't add legit aa because that shows other people you are cheating but in this age, most people in higher ranks are cheating and it's hard to win when you can't hit their head.

I can't wait for the recode that is coming up and I hope if you are on the edge of buying this cheat this can change your mind. It is the best on the market and definitely worth lifetime.