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    Help with purchase

    I wanted to buy another sub and I saw the Easter sale for the csgo lifetime, i converted 50 euros to usd on google, and this morning I went to the store to buy a prepaid debit card with $63 on it.
    I came back to see that I forgot the taxes pay-pal imposes because it has to convert the currency and I am currently only 56 cents behind
    The problem is that I cannot reload or return the card to get one with more money, and pay-pal does not let me split the transaction between two different cards.
    I was wondering if I was still possible for me to pay the initial $63 to you or someone, and the other 56 cents with another card.
    I was a customer of the csgo 1 month sub along time ago and wanted to get back into it with this sale
    What I have $63(debit card) - What I need $63.56

    Thank you for your time

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    Is it on your PayPal?
    Maybe you can ask some friends if they each give you like 10 cents or something on PP

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