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Configuration: Easy and with many options
Configuration by each independent weapon, very good it.
Easy: 10

Setting for each different region of the body
Also configuration for each weapon of the game (independent weapons)
Easy: 10

Several shapes very easy to configure.
Chams, Glow and ESP (9/10), depending on the Map, have to get very close to the Enemy to appear

Enough choices, easy to use.
Easy: 10

It has excellent Save Settings and Load Settings options, easy to use.
Easy: 10

- FPS in Game
Usually I use Chams Texture (Visible Only), in some moments the FPS drops 20 or 30.

Here's my honest review of INIURIA CHEATS, I'm happy to have the best Cheat, especially in the LIFE TIME version.

--- TUTORIAL PatchGuard Disable V4 (NOTEBOOKS) ---

1. Turn on your Notebook
2. Enter the BIOS
3. In BIOS, where LEGACY is, change to UEFI, then disable "Boot Secure".
4. The Notebook will display an error, restart the Notebook, and re-enter the BIOS.
5. Change from UEFI to LEGACY

Maybe your Notebook will reboot (maybe not)

6. When the image of the manufacturer appears (Acer, Dell, Positive, etc.) Quickly press Alt + F10
7. Choose the "Advanced Settings"
8. Choose the option "UEFI Firmware Setings"

Now your Notebook will start with the PachGuard Disable V4

Install INIURIA CHEAT and enjoy!

(I recommend not to disconnect the Notebook, just leave it in descending mode when not in use, depending on the Notebook, if you disconnect, you will have to do the whole process again.