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    Inuria review after a year 1/2

    This cheat is honestly one the of the best i have seen. I have always used this cheat over any other legit cheat regardless of what my friends told me saying "no dude get blah blah, its better then that shit"
    Everything about this cheat to the community is the best ive seen. I always really liked how helpful everyone in this community is to eachother, even if we are just a bunch of cheaters haha.

    This is the one of the most legit cheats you can get for a very fair price and almost never get vac detected. A funny story actually not really, i used to cheat on my main with iniuria (retarded right) and the moment my subscription ended like a couple months later iniuria got that vac wave that banned some players and i didn't get ban because i was either one of the lucky people that didn't or i actually made it out of the vac wave. So the new vac wave that just hit recently didn't get me banned lol.

    For a cheat being about $20 a month and all the features you get with it, this is pretty amazing and till this day they still are adding in new things that the community is suggesting. The UI of the cheat is gorgeous now and looks so good. Sometimes i would have personal issues with the cheat but i would always work around it and the cheat serves good!

    I definitely recommend this cheat over any other legit cheat, im glad what has come of it with all the progress so i have decided to buy LIFETIME boys 10/10

    Thank ya for reading ! <3

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    Nice review ty

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    Nice review!

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    Thank you for the nice review!
    Es fehlt im Forum der schwarze Humor - Ich geb Anders Breivik, Kony und Gaddafi Support.

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