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Thread: help please

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    help please

    hey, i'm new to this community. so don't know much about this.
    i want to buy cs go hack for lifetime sub. but i have few questions. i will be glad if i get to know it.
    1. when i order the hack then, when will i be able to download the hack from this forum.
    2. i want to buy a lifetime subs, so i want to know that, will this license will be binded to my system. because after 6-7 months i'm gonna upgrade my system. so i want to know that will i be able to use it after i upgrade my PC. Because if that gives error after upgrading, so it will be useless for me to buy a lifetime subs of CS GO hack.
    I will wait your your Feedback. THANKS for your Time.

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    1. If you use for example PayPal you will be able to use the cheat immediately.
    2. Yes, it will be binded to your HWID, but if you upgrade your system and you need a hwid reset you can request it and get it for free (if your ip didnt changed).

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