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    Iniuria.us in Depth Review After a Year

    So, I first bought iniuria in September 2017, for a month, and after that, I decided to buy it lifetime.

    Aimbot is pretty good, it looks really legit, rcs is nothing but perfection, smooth looks human, and it's really easy to configure

    Weapon Settings:
    With the v4 update, now you can configure settings on categories, and you don't have to configure every single weapon.(It was a pain in the back side when you had to configure every single weapon, especially if you didn't have a config)

    Nice visuals, you got everything you'll ever need. And I have to say, I love the "Grenade Helper"
    You don't need to remember every single smoke, molotov or flashbang/popflash on the maps. You just get yourself a smoke, and every smoke is shown on the map. Really easy to use

    The Backtrack is really legit.
    The legit anti-aim is really good.
    The resolver can resolve anyone(although the resolver sometimes tries to resolve legit players, and that can result in a bad aimbot)
    Overall, the misc tab has everything you'll ever need

    Really easy to use skinchanger, although the stattrack doesn't quite work, and the glove changer sometimes crashes (especially if you're trying to connect to a server that has a skinchanger plugin)

    The esp/chams are really easy to configure, but when it comes to the gui is kinda difficult, at least for me. But there are a lot of amazing people on the forum that made some amazing themes for the gui.

    I know I said that a lot but, the settings are *really* easy to use. And it's amazing that you can bind different configs on different buttons.

    Overall review:
    I'd strongly recommend Iniuria for Legit Hacking, and only *Legit* Hacking
    If you are new to the cheating community, you can find a lot of nice people on the forum that can help you, as well as the community discord.
    After almost a year of using iniuria, I'd rate it 10/10
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    Thank you for the nice review!

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