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Thread: need help!

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    need help!

    i was using iniuria for few months and i really love it but i had to take a break from gaming in general for some personal reasons.
    now everytime i use my pc i have to chose between windows 10 and windows patchguard v4 disabled, which isnt that bad but i had to add the additional drive to use the cheat and it keeps bothering me with notifications that my pc is low on ram or some shit.
    i want to remove the current useless extra drive and remove the option to select windows 10 every time i use my pc. can someone pls help me with that? ty

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    1) Open msconfig
    Select "Start" tab
    Remove the entry with the name "PatchGuard Disabled v4"

    2)Remove following files in C:\Windows\System32

    osloader.efi or osloader.exe

    Restart computer

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