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Thread: Happiness.exe

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    Thumbs up Happiness.exe

    Positive review from a new cheating player.

    So, this review is based on my first 50 games playing with Iniuria , 44 legit games (low fov no walls) and 6 rage (everything on). This is going to be a rating setting from 0 to 10 using a "xx/xx" format.

    Design/Usability 9/10. Itīs beautiful. It has to be one of the most complete cheats out here. Easy to understand and if you donīt know what a setting does, searching for it in this forums would be more than enough. Would add more sky textures and transparent walls.
    Features 8/10. For legit hacking its a solid 10/10, rage would be another 10/10, but for HvH servers I have the feeling this cheat could really use to have spin bot, 3rd person sniper, no flash, no smoke setting and a setting for the R-8 revolver.
    Security 10/10. The patchguard mode is a pretty smart move. Not seen in many other cheats where you just simple inject a .dll .
    Support 9/10. Bought it, didnīt knew how to inject. Went to Team Speaker, got recived with professionalism and a smile by NATiON1, 25 minutes went by and i was already enjoying a wingsman game.
    Price 10/10. If i gave you $60 to spend... would you go out for a night of drinks at the pub and pizza or... buy a lifetime support of this beautiful well-made high quality cheat?... We all know the answer .

    Resume... If I had to choose a package of Iniuria with a candy attached, or any other cheat, I would stay with Iniuria even though Iīm diabetic.
    Being new to the cheating community is nice, and having such a good cheat to have fun with is even better.
    Will definitely be uploading a nice review / tutorial to my youtube channel.


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    thanks for the nice words
    Wrong hwid? - Request one and wait https://www.iniuria.us/forum/profile.php?do=hwid
    Don't get activated instantly? - Just wait a little bit , some payments are on hold then and they need time
    Any Problems? - Open a thread https://www.iniuria.us/forum/forumdi...Client-Support
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    Thanks for you really advance review

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    Welcome the the club

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