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    Hello. Few Questions.

    Hello there! Some of mine cheater friends with a lot of experience have suggested me this product, considering it the best legit bot actually available. So, i'm here to write shit questions abot that.

    First of all, i'm searching an Aimbot that can be disabled after some shoots or after some seconds;
    In other words, i want stick my badass crosshair on the head of the enemies, and release the stick after some shooss to transfer the spray away like a real legit motherfucker. Do this cheat support a feature like that?

    A moment ago, i checked out your aimbot features but i want know more about these:

    Humanized aimbot -> What is that?
    Time -> Time BEFORE or AFTER the first shoot ?
    Randomize Aimpoint -> What is that ?
    Visible timeout -> mmmmm i dont know, help me.
    Overtime -> I like this word, but... What is that?
    pSilent -> Is visible to Specs ?
    Nonsticky -> How this work ? I can free aim around ?

    Anyway, the above mentioned friends have told me that your product uses a difficult and not-well-working kernel driver to inject the cheat. A suspicious kernel driver... infact, they use the cheat on special computers without personal datas.
    I want know more about this driver...

    SOLVED. At least but not the last... the payment method. What payment methods do you support?

    Oh, wait! I forgot another question... is the payment auto-recurrent?

    Since i'm poor i will wait the christmas discounts to buy your product... EVENTUALLY.

    Damn it, i have a another question .

    Can i configure the aimbot for each weapons? Or i can configure the aimbot only for a Weapon Class? For example Pistols, SMGs etc.?

    Is this ( yeah, another question bro ) cheat suitable for the Main Account? I mean, the detection ratio is low or high? I have 4 csgo prime accounts, so i must manage it carefully. Maybe i can play 2 - 3 comps on the main to rank up than switch account.

    Just now i saw that you supports the skinchanger. Do the skinchanger add the skins in my inventory or i need to apply them manually on the model? I mean, if i choose the AWP Asimov ( worst skin ever ),will skinchanger add it in my invetory or just will apply the skin on the model?

    Thanks for the support. See you soon.

    PS. I apologize for any language errors, i have wrote very fast and i still learning english' cambridge grammar.

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    Our driver isnt a rat or anything like this lol, its just a way to bypass something for vac and make it safer, (ring0 driver) "not well working" probably they know shit about it hmmm... btw 90% of all providers use an driver

    Our subs don't renew automatically

    There is always a risk to get banned, we had some detections but tbh other cheats got detected aswell at this time.. there will be always a risk to get banned and if you care about your main dont do it.

    Our skinchanger applies the skin just on the weapon.

    Yes you can configure each weapon just watch maybe the video below for more informations

    • Autoaim - The Aimbot aims automatically.
    • Aimkey - The Aimbot aims only when your press the choosen aimkey.
    • OnPress - The Aimbot aims when you shoot.

    • mode - There are 3 different Aimbot mode's. (1 - Autoaim; 2 - Aimkey; 3 - OnPress).
    • autoshoot - The Aimbot will shoot automatically if the enemy is in the FOV range.
    • fov - Field of View is the field by the aimbot will act.
    • friendlyfire - Aimbot will be active on teammates.
    • smooth - The smooth makes the movements of the aimbot softer and aims to the selected hitbox.
    • hitbox - Preferred body part, where the Aimbot will aim.
    • time - Aimtime is the time where the aimbot is enabled. (milliseconds)
    • factor - Factor multiplies the smooth as often as adjusted. (Example: 5(S) * 1(SF) = 5 new Smooth 5)
    • autowall - The aimbot aims now through walls.
    • autowalldmg - The aimbot will only activate through walls if you can give X amount of damage (X being your custom autowalldmg)
    • psilent - Silentaim, corrects the twitch of the aimbot. (Only Ineye, and not on demo's)
    • nonsticky - Prevents the aimbot from sticking onto the enemy model.
    • norecoil - No Weaponrecoil.
    • rcs - Controls the recoil of the gun for better spraydowns. (Spraydowncontrolsystem)
    • rcspitch - Pitches the RCS in % (0% - 100%).
    • rcsyaw - Sets the Yaw of the RCS in % (0% - 100%).
    • weaponsettings - The aimbot takes over the settings, you set in the "Weapons" Tab.
    • key - You can bind the aimbot on any key.
    • hitscan - The aimbot prefer the hitbox, which is next to the hidden hitbox.
    • rndsmooth - The smooth is variable with +/- 50% from the smooth.
    • rndaimpoint - The aimbot is using random aimpoint within the hitbox
    • overtime - The aimbot is shooting on a dead enemy, after you eliminated him.
    • visibletimeout - If a enemys is running behind a wall, the aimbot aims afterwards him for the adjusted time.
    • smokecheck - Checks if the enemy is behind or in a smoke. If he is, the aimbot will not activate.
    • flashcheck - Checks if you are flashed. If you are, the aimbot will not activate.
    • focustarget - Aimbot will not switch targets while shooting.
    • ignorejump - Aimbot ignores the enemy if he is jumping
    • smoothmode : 0 - Linear (smooth will be slower if you are closer to the hitbox)
    • smoothmode : 1 - Const (constant smoothspeed).
    • smoothmode : 2 - Step (smooth is only slower, if you are close to the hitbox).
    • smoothmode : 3 - New 1 (?).
    • smoothmode : 4 - New 2 (?).
    • spherefov - Calculate the FOV in consider to the distance to the enemy.

    • smokecheck - The triggerbot checks if the enemy is behind or in a smoke. If he is, the aimbot will not activate.
    • flashcheck - The triggerbot checks if you are flashed. If you are, the aimbot will not activate.
    • hitchance - The triggerbot will only shoot if it's x% sure, that it will hit (X being your custom hitchance).
    • weaponsettings - The triggerbot takes over the weapon settings, you set in the "Triggerbot" tab.
    • key - You can bind the triggerbot to any key.
    • mode - There are 3 different triggerbot mode's. (0 - Off; 1 - Auto; 2 - Key)
    • hitbox - Means that the triggerbot will shoot if you're on head.
    • hitboxhead - The triggerbot shoots if you're on the head with your crosshair.
    • hitboxchest - The triggerbot shoots if you're on the chestwith your crosshair.
    • hitboxstomach - The triggerbot shoots if you're on the stomach with your crosshair.
    • hitboxleftarm- The triggerbot shoots if you're on the left arm with your crosshair.
    • hitboxrightarm - The triggerbot shoots if you're on the right arm with your crosshair.
    • hitboxleftleg - The triggerbot shoots if you're on the left leg with your crosshair.
    • hitboxrightleg - The triggerbot shoots if you're on the right leg with your crosshair.
    • burst - The triggerbot shoots the amount of bullets, if the triggerbot shoots on time.
    • delay - The triggerbot shoots after the delay (ms).

    • bombdmg - Shows you how much damage the bomb will give you and how much HP you will have remaining.
    • c4 - There are 4 different C4 ESP-Modes (0 - Off; 1 - Bomb Carrier/On Player; 2 - Timer; 3 - Bomb Carrier/On Player & Timer).
    • chams - Colors the enemy in a custom color, to see him better.
    • chamsvisibleonly - Only shows the chams, when the player is visible.
    • drawbacktrack - Shows a white dot on the enemys saved position.
    • drawfov - Draws a little circle showing the aimbot FOV of your weapon.
    • drop - There are 4 different Drop ESP-Modes (0 - Off; 1 - Box; 2 - Name; 3 - Box & Name).
    • grenadehelper - Shows you popular throwing spots for smokes/flashes/molotovs.
    • grenadeprediction - Shows you how the grenade will fly and where it will explode.
    • grenadetracer - Shows you a line how your grenade flew.
    • radarhack - Shows you all enemy players on the radar.
    • crosshair - Sets a custom crosshair.
    • sniperonly - Sets the custom crosshair only for snipers.
    • spectatingme - Shows you who is spectating you.
    • style - There are 8 ESP Styles (0 - Left & Right; 1 - Left, Right & Top; 2 - Left & Top; 3 - Left; 4 - Right & Top; 5 - Right; 6 - Top & Bottom; 7 - Top; 8 - Bottom).
    • headdot - White dot at the head of the enemy. (Headshothelper)
    • rank - Shows you the rank next to the BoundingBox.
    • visible - Changes the colour if an enemy is visible.
    • box - ESP Box (1 - Bounding; 2 - Static).
    • name - Shows the name of player beside the BoundingBox.
    • distance - Shows the distance to the enemy beside the BoundingBox.
    • health - Shows the life of the enemy beside the BoundingBox.
    • skeleton - Shows the skeleton in ESP.
    • steps - Shows beside the BoundingBox if an enemy makes steps. (StepESP)
    • enemyonly - Shows only around the enemys an ESP Box.
    • faresp - FarESP increases the range of sounds enemy players do, for example: Shots, Steps, Reloads, etc.
    • healthbar - Shows a healthbar in the ESP Box.
    • weapon - Shows the weapon beside the BoundingBox.
    • defuse - Shows if someone is defusing the bomb.
    • glow - Shows a glow around the enemys.
    • bullettracer - Shows a tracer which represents shots. There are also 4 Modes (Off; All; Enemy; Me).

    • radar - Shows the players on radar.
    • radarsize - Shows the size of radar.
    • radarx - Coordinate X for the radar.
    • radary - Coordinate Y for the radar.

    • autoaccept - Automatically accepts Competitive games in the Lobby.
    • autoknife - Automatically knifes enemies as soon as they are in range.
    • backtrack - Teleports the enemy player back to a saved position.
    • backtracktime - Sets how long the enemys position is saved (ms)
    • clantag - Changes your ingame clantag.
    • edgejumpkey - Jumps perfectly on the edge.
    • enemyinfo - Shows you, what the enemy player has bought.
    • fovchanger - Change your Field of View.
    • viewmodel - Change the Field of View of your Viewmodel.
    • hidewatermark - Removes the "Inuria CSGO Full 4.0" Watermark.
    • hitmarker - Shows you a little cross when hitting a player.
    • lbyresolver - Resolves enemy players Lowerbody-Yaw anti-aim.
    • legitaa - Enables Legit Anti-Aim.
    • rankrevealer - Reveals the rank of your teammates and enemys.
    • skychanger - Changes the skybox on the map.
    • bunnyhop - You jump automatically if you keep pressing spacebar.
    • autostrafeFk - Automatically strafe if you move your mouse.
    • runboost - You will be able to stay on the head of a enemy/ teammate.
    • fakelag - You will lag for your enemy and it will be harder to hit you.
    • region changer - You can choose a land where your want to play, as example you are from germany but you gonna play against NA's.
    • Humanized calculation -

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    Wow. Thanks for the informations. Anyway, i have the last question
    The feature that i need is the Aimtime. I will buy this product only for it.

    Is the AIM TIME the time within the AIMBOT work, right? I press MOUSE1, aimbot activities for #AIMTIME#, after #AIMTIME# it will shutdown untill the next shoots right?

    Thanks again, see you in the christmas sales

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    Yea its like that

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    do you have any other questions ?
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    Perfect. I will buy it... when i will have money Thanks for the support.
    SYSTEMFILES... mmm... i remember this name, long time ago i used some cheats from a coder with this name...

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    Quote Originally Posted by stratocaster View Post
    Perfect. I will buy it... when i will have money Thanks for the support.
    SYSTEMFILES... mmm... i remember this name, long time ago i used some cheats from a coder with this name...
    Nice to hear
    And nah his name has nothing to do with other cheats. His name was funnykiller2013 until a half year ago.

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