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    Shot review from a happy lifetime user

    Legit Bot - 10/10
    From when I use to closet the legit stuff was pretty p and had a lot of options, donít really closet anymore though

    Semi Rage - 7.5/10
    It has the features and is really good vs people using 0ms trigger and going obv without aa
    It does ight in 5v5mm hvh however if your against people who are using that popular private invite cheat (if you know you know) you can struggle a bit, I found myself missing with awp a bit however 40% of the time Iím able to contribute in semi rage mm game. However improvements can be made to aa and resolver. Still decent though and Iíve won games where if I didnít have aa I would of lost.

    Visuals - 8/10
    Visuals ight, has the options there and stuff however would like to see more clean sleeker visuals in v5 e.g visuals for hands and arms etc. Still no complaints about current visuals

    Misc - 10/10
    Loads of options, slide walk and extra things that make u even better e.g I recently came back and Iíve finally found a config that makes Iniuria the best it can be and there was some options Iíve never seen before and they helped me like quick stop that stuff makes peeking much easier

    Security - 9/10
    Never received a vac, donít use beta I use patch guard and my accounts donít last long enough to where I get banned by vac
    , however in the recent wave where some people said Iniuria was detected from my own experience it was only beta, I used patchguard during the unknown phase and didnít get vac banned.
    So props to Iniuria undetected since 2014 basically

    Overall - 9/10
    Was worth buying lifetime and I love using iniuria as I can play legit and also hang in semi rage mm. I would say Iniuria is also a lot better than public and application legit/semi rage cheats in the market atm so thatís good
    Hope this review helps your decision to buy lifetime. Thanks for reading and Iím looking forward to v5! =)

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    thank you for sharing! Good Testimonial. Glad to see you enjoying the community.

    Best Regards,

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    i hope can use patchguard mode without blue screen issue on my PC

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    Thank you for your nice review!
    If you need Support (German & English Support) -> Click

    If you need a HWID Reset -> Click

    Detected Matchmaking Features -> Click

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