At the beginning I would like to thank you for the opportunity to use
It's been almost a month since I can be with you all so I would like to share my opinion.
I will only add that I had almost no previous experience with Cheats because I had a quick course on two accounts - including MAIN - and on several free software but
the accounts have already been banned. Human learn by his mistakes
AIMBOT 10/10. OnPress MOUSE1, FOV 3, Sm 25 LINEAR. Personally, I use very little because I almost always shoot one at a time so these are just clicks instead of full action.
However, with series it perfectly fulfills its task. Heads shoot nicely, the aimbot's work looks natural, nothing stutters, perfectly even.
There are always 35+ kills per match and no less. With good movement and crosshair placement, this configuration is not detectable on OverWatch so you don't have to be afraid.
RCS is a standalone set at 30% - a masterpiece! Although the Triggerbot is a real surprise for me. FOV 4-5, SM 130, MOUSE4 makes pressing the flick
spectacularly instant kill the opponent. It is so beautiful that it cannot be described in words. All this looks natural also on demos, those in the game menu and
those with GOTV (I checked it out - it looks even more natural on them).
VISUALS 9/10. Only visible enemy chunks enabled. And a grenade helper. It works as it should, though, when the inscriptions overlap when more than one grenade
can be thrown from one place. If you can't read how to throw a grenade at a specific place. In addition, the rest tested - works correctly. Nothing is missing for me.
Wallhack was never turned on because I didn't need it. You can easily burn yourself.
MISC 10/10. Backtrack 100, LegitAA Combined always on, Rank Rev. AutoAccept, SpectME. Everything works perfectly. LegitAA only once spun off with a small PC lag
and it was visible in the demo but never again. Sometimes the player's model shakes, but in total .. fuck it! You can't see anything on the GOTV demos and if someone
complains about chatting - it's funny to do it, I recommend: D
SKINCHANGER 6/10. There are skins for weapons, knives and gloves but nothing more. You cannot add stickers, you cannot change the equipment in the menu
and you cannot change the player's model. Basic functions.
Skinchanger is just an add-on that does not affect the game so for a whole 9.5 / 10.
I am only waiting for payment from work until the 10th and will definitely buy again,
I was not disappointed.