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    (to the point) Second 1 month subscription, planning on getting lifetime

    Very active community that wasn't toxic or obnoxious. Too many cheating forums have that problem. (10/10)
    Stream proof option worked nicely, but was quite tedious to enable compared to the rest of the options. (8/10)
    Haven't gotten banned yet and i've used 4 accounts with it. (10/10)
    I love the RCS. My recoil control is already pretty good and mixing it with the smooth rcs option allows me to be a borderline god with the AK. (10/10)
    Aimbot looks smooth and very, very configurable. I never got hackusated for aimbot. (10/10)
    Visuals have near infinite customizability, with many options too such as chams, esp, glow, basically anything you could think of. (10/10)
    Backtrack looks legit even at 200ms. I still keep it at a safe 6 ticks though, which gives me JUST enough time to hit headshots i otherwise wouldn't. (10/10)
    Overall rating... (9.5/10)

    Hope this review helps! Nothing tops iniuria, and I don't think anything will anytime soon.

    - Aemor
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