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    Cool 400-Hour Review - 10/10 Would Buy Again

    tldr version:

    Straightforward subscription and installation processes, fantastic legitbot, great visual assistance, cool additional features, tons of configurations available, pleasant community.

    extended version:

    I will soon become a father for the first time and therefore will put the game aside for a long while. Therefore, it is time for me to pay my respects to Iniuria as a whole and to invite hesitant prospects to go ahead and buy the hack. You will definitely not regret it.

    I like the fact that everything - subscription, payment, downloads, tutorials and FAQs, support - happens in this single forum. You can purchase the product using a regular credit card with no additional fees, through Paypal. There is no activation delay, you immediately gain access.

    The product is very easy to install. I chose the PatchGuard disabled option which is the most complex, however in the end it's just about following the step-by-step instructions. There are even video tutorials posted on YouTube, in case you're unsure at some point.

    I personnaly got no issue with the cheat, however I see the staff and the community are quite active on the forums to help members who run into problems. There's an active Discord server as well, where you can get assistance if needed.

    The product comes with a huge set of features and therefore it's not recommended to start from scratch with a blank configuration. Nothing to worry about however, as there are litterally hundreds of different configuration files available on the forums. After trying a handful of them, you will naturally find one which mostly suits your playstyle and habits. Then you can go ahead and fine tune this configuration over time, to really make it perfect and unique.

    The aimbot is absolutely nuts. With the right settings it is both devastating and absolutely unnoticeable to spectators. I scored hundreds of pistol round headshots and eco round deagle onetaps. I pulled countless scout entry frags during semi buys. I consistently impressed the friends I usually play with, as well as random teammates I have found in matchmaking.

    When it comes to visual assistance - visible only chams and steps ESP both are must-haves. I even find the sound ESP to be a little overpowered, but perhaps I'm just too old now and my ears aren't as good as they were! The notorious radar hack is available as well and works great.

    Grenade prediction is amazing. You will consistently be landing all these smokes and flashes exactly where you want them to explode. You will also be able to see if your mollies and grenades will actually apply some damage to the opposing force.

    Backtracking is available obviously and works as intended. Standalone quick stop takes care of counter-strafing on your behalf. The bomb info panel tells you where the C4 is live, whether the defuser is faking or not, how much time they have left, etc.

    I didn't engage that much with the community, however I always found it to be nice and cooperating. This is the complete opposite of the usual toxicity levels you come across in regular CS:GO. People share their configurations as mentioned above, answer questions whether they're trivial or not, boost each others' Steam profiles, share their Steam codes and play together, etc.

    I injected for 400 hours on a throwaway Steam account. All in all this is the OG of legit cheating in CS:GO. My review may sound a little too good to be true, however I really can't think of anything negative about Iniuria at this time. I also perceive the price positioning to be completely on par with the overall quality.

    Good luck,

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    We appreciate the kind and honest words, good luck to you and your future family sir, all the best.

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