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    Testimonial after close to 10 years

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen,

    do not expect this to be fancy.

    I bought CSS Full in 2012 and CSGO in 2016 and have been using it ever since.

    First of all i want to start and mention a couple of generell things.

    The Forum is always active whether on the website or in TS or Discord. If you have a problem someone will solve it and there is always someone online to help.
    In my opinion its about asking the right questions in the correct subforum. Furthermore its important to initially tell a short story of what has been done and where the error occurs.
    Lastly the art of the story telling is important as well. If you go in the forum and say "WTF!! nothing happens, its all shitty it doesnt work" you cant expect someone to help. But they do!


    Aimbot: 10/10
    what am i supposed to say. the aimbot works the way it should work. Once you get used to the settings and you know what to do than its all kindergarten.

    There are hundreds of pre- made settings in the settings section. You can download 10 of them and try all until you put them together to find the perfect settings for your suits (rage, legit, MM, MMhard, MMsoft) easy!

    I usually use either Aimbot or Visuals while playing MM
    Weapon settings
    Fov 1
    smooth 3
    smooth factor 1

    and than i have a little differenication between Deagle, SSG, AWP like smooth 1

    Visuals: 10/10
    There are so many features in the visuals section that i couldnt even think of anymore

    i use in my only visuals only config

    head dot
    c4 timer
    and sometimes skeleton

    When i feel like my enemies want some more i put those 2 configs together and am undestroyable

    Rest: 10/10

    i use some nice skins that i like but dont even have to buy them WTF thats so nice thanks to Takedown and the staff
    if you play public you can use trigger, bunnyhop and anything you want with this hack

    Trust me its great

    Thanks for every staff member and of course takedown!!

    Mic Drop
    Have you seen my story Mathafacka weeee hungry

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    Appreciate the words, I prefer honest and nothing fancy.
    Good review, thank you.

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    Thanks for you really nice Testimonial
    [09:17 PM] alex2901: schade, danke
    [09:16 PM] NATiON: ne haben wir verloren
    [09:16 PM] alex2901: gibt es noch chams bei ini?

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