nice hack 10/10 bought for 1 month aimbot: 10/10 very smooth i use the bmw config it is very good and looks very legit, if u got your aim on headsight when u go around and peek map and always and got movement like good player so if u are good to cs go before u use hacks this will only take u to another level but remember set pistol settings right can be quite obvious too if u dont got ur aim on headline almost all the time so beware of that and remember to take spec list on while playing then u know when to do nasty things or not D
ESP 10/10 works very well but i dont use it and cant recommend for anyone who will cheat legit only radar hack wh is too obvious in my opinion and u will easy get overwatch ban,
skinchanger 10/10 dont use it very much but it will do the job for sure works perfectly

all in all great hack i have used iniuria before in css and was always and point in that time too so go for iniuria guys if ur looking to get good legit hack vac proof for sure until detected of course but for now it is