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    CSGO Honest Review 4+ Years (lifetime)

    Just want to say firstly that I have tried other providers (cheats) previously and never had as much of a positive community experience than I have had with INIURIA.US.

    Hey Guys/Ladies...

    I joined INIURIA in the first half of 2017 after trying a couple of other providers and was pleasantly surprised by the features of the software for such a reasonable price.
    The first day of owning the cheat I spent the entire day configuring settings to my personal preference making them unstoppable and still fairly legit.
    I initially only bought month to month subscriptions because I was unsure on how long my account would last for. Funny thing is that I made it all the way from unranked to GE without being banned.
    So decided to buy lifetime and haven't regretted it ever. I have hit a couple of 360 no scopes and I had countless clips of me destroying salty MGE's in 1v5 clutches. I mean if you spectated me you
    would've definitely thought I was some pro/semi-pro level player that was smurfing. I even got invited by my local University to commentate on a tournament they were having.
    Additionally (the best part) no one I knew ever called me out or even questioned my "skill" LOL.
    I ended up playing probably 5-10 games a day for 2 years straight without ban. I just have to say I love this cheat so much.
    All good things must come to an end.... I did eventually get banned there were a couple of instances where I did risky/suspicious plays all because I got on tilt versing rage hackers.

    All in all i have to say that INIURIA.US is my favourite cheat and favourite community.

    If anyone is reading this trying to decide whether to jump on board or not then let me break it down for you simply....

    Features: 10/10

    Support: 10/10

    Community: 10/10

    Happy to answer any questions on my experience of the cheat

    REHHHHH <3

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    Thanks for the review, im glad that you are satisfied

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