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    When were last Vac bans? (Not OW)

    I think about buying it again for bhop mainly, but kind a like my inventory. I aint scared of ow bans, but when was last vac ban wave?

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    December 2014 - Full Detection.
    July 2017 - About 300 users.
    May 2018 - VMTHooking (All internal cheats got detected) apart from scooter maybe idk if it's internal or no
    December 2019 - partial detection small users (50-100 users)
    Don't cheat on account you are afraid to lose.

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    jus put all your skins on a different account, keep like 20 dollars in skins max on a cheating account
    youd be surprised what 10 dollars in skins does for getting called out or report, u can play much more blatant especially if you have agents. put tons of cheap stickers on the skins too
    alot of overwatchers are nova and wont know that its a cheap skin possibly giving you a pass
    whenever u take a month+ break from csgo transfer all your skins to your mule so u wont lose them incase u get a ban

    from what i heard 2017 was from legit aa /autopistol if u didnt use that u didnt get banned

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