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    (iniuria) Best overall public legit cheat 9.5/10

    This cheat is very good and met all of my expectations

    Aimbot 9.5/10
    Humanize looks a lot more legit on <1.5 fov to head than all other legitbots ive used
    Also looks legit on big fov 5-10 to chest
    Even auto aim to lower chest looks legit on 5 fov

    Still taps as good as (Other cheat) imo, only a few other expensive hvh cheats are better for full rage

    Legit 10/10
    has burst mode, overtime etc making you not one tap enemies but instead fire a whole burst making the trigger much less obvious
    Rage 9/10
    Still taps at 0 ms equal to (same other paid cheat provider). Can compete well with free rage cheats until they spinbot
    Good for semi raging, equal to many others best still can hold your own!

    Visuals 9.5/10
    Backtrack visualize is dope, has tons of features
    Only visual it lacks is changing the color of the walls it has every thing else you can think of
    Hp bars only for esp is nice if u dont want to shoot glowing visible enemies

    Misc 9/10
    Lots of features here has autostop (auto counter strafe!!)
    CAN DISABLE CHEAT WITH PANIC MODE! if your friends want to see if your cheating u can do this and screenshare immediately they wont know

    Only major flaw of the whole cheat
    imo is smooth rcs i cannot get to work (u can use a smooth lua/ahk if u want legit looking rcs)
    Rage rcs and standalone work very well but are obvious

    Skinchanger 9/10
    Simple skinchanger thats easy to use

    Security 9/10
    Only major detection in 2014, detection in 2017/19 involving legit aa users
    Basically dont use legit aa just in case and you wont get banned
    Runs from usb, vac is never gonna be able to tell you have any cheat files on your pc
    Safer than (third time same major public cheat provider) and some others that get detected every year

    Overall 9.5/10
    Glad i bought should of gotten life 4 years ago instead of using ratpoison (free java cheat) for 3.5 years only to get vacced xD
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    Hi there, This game recently invoked a lot of hackers and it is almost unplayable now.
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    Its almost playable dude, but not no public servers.
    Thanks for the testimonial.

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    if u have a prime high trust then u never see cheaters. I havent seen cheaters since they disabled free prime.

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    vac is never gonna be able to tell you have any cheat files on your pc
    VAC does not scan files on your pc unlike some league anti-cheats.

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