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    Review from a lifetime user

    I have seen many reviews praising the cheat and rightly so. As such I had decided not to make a review, however, I have time, and if 1 more review makes you buy the cheat, then let it be this one.
    Each section will be divided as pros and cons, wherever applicable. Here we go:

    Setting up
    Setting up the cheat was a mild inconvenience before, but after the Beta launcher release, it is as easy as any other providers. Just download the loader and press inject. Although it might require some simple steps like disabling secure boot and turning off avast antivirus, at the end of the day, it works as it should and no problems are raised.
    Minimalistic simple loader
    not confusing
    fast injection
    Setting up requires some specific steps
    Error codes need to be cross referenced with forum to troubleshoot

    Cheat menu
    The cheat menu is very old-school natured. If it is your first injection, it might be a bit confusing and overwhelming, but as you continue to use the cheat everything gets familiar. The menu can be customized by themes as per your likings. Every feature is neatly organised.
    Old school looking menu
    Can be customised
    Cannot change resolution while injected
    Not idiot proof: new users can get a bit confused

    Let us now look into the most important feature of a legit cheat: its Aimbot. I cant be more truthful when i say i have never seen a cheat with more aimbot customisability than this cheat. Unlike your normal fov and smooth, this cheat has a lot of settings to play around with, combination of which gives you a near humanlike aimbot which is, i daresay, almost impossible to detect by eye, if configured correctly. Even obvious settings are made to look legit due to such huge array of customisability. Also this has a inbuilt humaniser, that learns your mouse movement and applies that to aimbot, thus making it very humanlike.
    However a new user might find it a bit hard to setup.
    Huge customisability
    New users find it overwhelming while setting up

    The visuals are meh at the most. It gets the job done and has every feature you would need to legit cheat, however, if you are looking to make a visually pleasing config, with good looking chams and stuff, this is not the cheat to do so. However, if your sole focus is to just legit cheat, then you will find nothing short in the visual department. Still, the visuals would need a little upgrade from the dev team to match modern standards.
    Many visual options
    Existing visuals look very clean
    Needs a bit mordernisation

    Misc features
    The misc features are a bit lackluster, and have barebones of needed misc features. However these are enough for a good legit cheating experience, but players who are movement enthusiasts might be a bit dissappointed, but again, this is not a movement cheat so this is justified. Every feature in the misc tab works as intended and doesnt cause any problems whatsoever.
    features work well
    good enough for a cheating experience
    Also needs a bit mordernisation

    This is, in my opinion, the most important feature for a cheat, as when you buy a cheat, you are not buying it for features, but for security. And this is where iniuria excels. Even after having such a huge userbase unlike those "private" cheats *cough cough* novo *cough cough*, Iniuria has managed to keep a negligible detection history, and boasts of being the most secure public cheat there ever will be. You can inject this anywhere without the fear of being detected, and even if it s detected, every user is quickly notified of it so that the bans are minimal.

    Community and Support
    One of the best cheat community i have ever experienced. Every person is very chill and wanting to help, so if you are a newcomer, you will feel right at home. The staff, as well, are very helping and friendly, especially Kraazor(no he didnt pay me to say that; altho my paypal is open if you want kraazor), and can help in any problem you face, as long as it is not any stupid problems. Most of the time, the communtiy itself will help you out on a problem even before support has responded. However toxicity is strictly frowned upon this community, so please dont be toxic and be patient, and you will get same treatment from the users as well.

    At the end of the day, if you are looking for a public legit cheat, with good detection rates, and a friendly community, Iniuria is your best answer. Grab a lifetime sub from the many sales we have, and Welcome to the dark side
    Iniuria Lifetime enjoyer since March'21


    Discord : Ezio#1072 (No support in DM's please)
    Steam (Main) : K a n e k i
    Steam (Alt) : Rekt FR

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    Hello from the other Site,

    thank you for your legible and positive review!
    If you need Support (German & English Support) -> Click

    If you need a HWID Reset -> Click

    Detected Matchmaking Features -> Click

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    Very cool!

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