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    Red face Main gaming

    Hey guys,
    I saw recently a huge amount of positive feedback of iniuria, reddit, forums, ingame etc. and judging by for how long it stayed undetected and what features it
    offers while being an internal cheat, I need to buy a lifetime very soon and I have a one question, which is pretty individual. IS it good idea to inject iniuria on "main" (not a big deal, it is a lolzteam account) where
    I am an admin on multiple legit servers? I would use only some cosmetics and misc features and I want to have iniuria by my side all the time... I am willing to take the risk... The aimbot is also a huge deal and I NEED to try it out.
    I will first purchase the 15$ sub for one month to test things out since graduation is behind the corner and I will not have time for PC.
    ONE more question; does INIURIA use vac bypass? If not, im much more calm.
    Thanks for any tips!
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