This is my review after around four and a half years of iniuria lifetime, some of that being v3 however.

Aimbot (9.5/10):
The aimbot is almost perfect when configured well, with a decent legit or closet config you can find yourself climbing a lot easier and winning shootouts you usually would have had more difficulty with.
Setting up the aim settings, although a little jarring at first is amazing once you learn what each setting actually does.
The different types of smooth along with the smoothness and factor settings make setting weapons up perfectly a lot easier than most cheats, the option for humanization is a huge bonus also.
The reason the aimbot is not a 10 for me is due to it lacking some customizability on the targetting settings, and not having proper hitchance settings - "first shot" settings would also be a huge plus.

Visuals (8/10):
The visuals look pretty great, nothing really out of date about them but they lack customizability, and some of the settings aren't very clear on what they intend to do.
The chams are great although could use some options for lighting and possibly more types of chams other than basic texture and outline (i can't tell much of a difference between texture and "phong").
The ESP settings are great however lack more customizability, for example the thrown grenade esp could do with some options for different grenades being different colours, e.g. firebombs red, flashes yellow, etc.
Overall the visuals look amazing but could use some additional settings to enhance their functionality, I believe most of my concerns will be addressed in V5 anyways.

Trigger (7/10):
A very simple trigger bot, works mostly well but can whiff some shots that I believe should be hittable and lacks some further customizability.
The "AimTrigger" can be a bit strange, an example would be if one enemy has been aimed while holding the aimtrigger key another cant be aimed until the key has been repressed, small issue as I dont use aimtrigger often but still a valid one.
I'm not a fan of using trigger in almost all situations and would recommend against it anyways so this section isn't a huge concern for actual legit cheating in my opinion.

Misc (10/10):
Nothing to fault in the misc settings, I believe autostrafe and bhop in general could be a tad more customizable for more "legit" settings, but overall nothing wrong with this section at all.

Menu (8/10):
Nothing wrong with the menu it is just a tad confusing in areas (at first), some settings are just there without much indication as to what they do exactly, but the menu overall is very usable and it is easy to locate all the features you need.
Perhaps tooltips of some form could help address this.

Overall I'd say the cheat is a 9+/10 and most of the issues I've mentioned will probably be fixed in the next version, I am leaving this review for myself and others to compare my experience with the next update when it arrives, and for any potential customers looking to buy Iniuria, I couldn't recommend it enough for its legit aimbot features.

tl;dr: buy iniuria (lifetime) if you want a great (legit) aimbot with a simple menu and decent visuals.