PERFORMANCE [10/10]: This is one of the things that blew me away the most, with ESP (chams, glow, box, enemy info etc...) running it doesn't affect performance at all. INFACT, the game feels more smooth and playable when using Iniurua than the base game.

AIMBOT [10/10]: Aimbot is one of the most legit (when configured to your play style) aimbots I have ever experienced on a CS:GO cheat. It feels smooth and legit. If you're on the market for legit, closeted cheating this is for you. One of the menu's best features.

TRIGGERBOT [8/10]: The triggerbot is well... a triggerbot. It's fairly customisable allowing you to get away with using it in legit scenarios. Nothing wrong with it, it's just more of a barebones feature than the aimbot.

MISC [9/10]: The misc section is actually really fleshed out, allowing simple things like hitmarkers and more advanced things like anti-aim and fake lag.

CONFIGURATION [10/10]: Being able to configure menu colours, glow colour, cham colour), the fluidity of being able to save both settings configs and colour configs, the menu's design. It is all so fluid and well-built.

Overall conclusion: If you want a legit cheating experience, something that (when configured properly) will give you the 1-up in every situation while maintaining the cover of being legit, this is for you. The best cheat I have purchased. Well done guys.