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    honest to god the best cheat ive used so far

    i have experience with like 3 other cheats;
    iniuria bests each of those is all aspects
    plague v. iniuria: iniuria doesn't give you red trust, iniuria has better features and more of a capability to legit/closet, and given this, i dont hvh but im sure iniuria would be better than plague at it.
    project infinity v. iniuria: i dont need to say anything, it was my mistake for even downloading project infinity. I was young!!!!!!!! ok?!?!?!?!
    skeet crack v. iniuria: again, I dont hvh, im sure skeet crack would be cool for hvh, but given the price of skeet crack is out of this world for what it offers and won't be updated, inuria is really just a better cheat

    CONCLUSION: im a very tight spender when it comes to software; i researched for probably two weeks before i bought my first cheat, being plague. I figured that for price to feature ratio, plague would be my best bet. It gave me red trust and the game was borderline unplayable from then.
    Ever since the plague incident, I wanted to get back into the cheating scene and looked around for a month. Like thirty days, deadass; for the best cheat for its price. I kept on shuffling between plague kernel, iniuria, and other obscure closet cheats.
    I heard that iniuria had a halloween sale, so on the first day of that, I bought myself a life subscription. (I hate buying timed subscriptions, it makes me anxious [I still have a life sub to plague]). And honest to god, to date, in my (technical) 3 years of cheating, iniuria has been the best cheat in every aspect.
    As you can imagine, the cheating scene is over saturated, there are only so many features that can exist for each game; so one might be enticed to just go with the cheapest cheat that gives them the features that they need. However, unbiased opinion, coming from a tight spender; there is a reason why cheats can charge as much as they do and still get obscene amounts of buyers. You pay for quality. The features across all cheats may be the same, however in probably like 80% of cases, the money upfront equates to quality and security that you can have using the cheat. I have no issues with iniuria, love the almost external feel of it, and the u.i and custimization of all features is amazing. For cost effectiveness:features:security ratio, iniuria takes the cake.
    Iniuria is a coding masterpiece and I think for people to glaze it over because it's "just a cheat" is incredibly insolent of them.

    I have all but one complaint, to my knowledge, there is no hide from OBS feature. that would be much appreciado if y'all can add that <3

    bai :3

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    Ini is best public on the market for legit cheating imo.

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    iniuria too good , congratz to admistradores

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