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    My Honest Iniuria review

    *Text edited from @masgod to my own opinions*

    Iniuria V4 (8/10)

    Aimbot/Resolver/Weapons tab 9/10
    - Aimbot 9.5/10: I don't use it very often (Just against obv closeters). Has good stuff in it.
    - Weapons tab 10/10: Very usefull for people that need good aimbot.
    - Resolver 1/10: Don't think it works and don't think it ever will.
    Triggerbot ?/10: Never used idk how bad you have to be to use this -> unless u Semi.

    Visuals 8/10: Pretty good don't see anything bad in them. But i would remove some stuff from there.

    Misc/Players tab 7/10 (some usage)
    - Misc 7/10: don't use Legit AA Cheat just starts to shoot air, Team. I love the Inv all button helps me a lot.
    - Players ?/?: Extremely Useless idk why this is in the Menu tbh xd.

    Skins 7/10: Some Skins Start to lag your Game after equipping them. But Its still a good Changer

    Colors ?/?: Useless for me Never used before.

    Config 8/10: Cloud Configs could be added, would be easier to use (If you have Ini on USB-Stick and plug it out everytime after injecting + loading cfg)

    Other Features
    -Stream mode (Only OBS)
    -Humanization Calculation (Never used)
    -Quick config slots (Why not)
    -Panic keys (Why not)

    + Low detection rate, high security, no detections for me, but heard of last detection being some months old.
    + Not pasted.
    + Has lifetime.
    + Doesn't support Leagues (just don't cheat on leagues)
    + Is a bit expensive for a legit cheat (Just my Opinion). -> Would be cool if Price could drop to 10 for 1 month*

    Usage for the cheat
    Legit: Yes, no doubts, the best Legit cheat nowadays.
    semi: No. You will start shooting teammates (Unless u only use triggerbot).
    rage: No.

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    Good review, Would also make sure you don't have "Friendly fire" enabled in the aimbot section since this is more than likely why you're targeting teammates.
    get good, get iniuria.
    Discord: Clark#0001

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    Thanks you very much for the review Kerimon60hz

    Regards, K.

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    its very amazing platform.

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    Love your review because ini is the best IMO, and for you know what does this do "- Players ?/?: Extremely Useless idk why this is in the Menu tbh xd.", once you get a match you hit refresh and you'll see the list of the players (team/enemy) basically you can turn off visuals for specific individuals in the match, and have resolver On if you feel you're missing your shots , I've mostly used it to target the cheater only in case there is one in enemy team.

    Hope this works for you

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