Inuria Review -Csgo

Aimbot: 8.5/10
The aimbot itself is very good with many options only reason i rated it 8.5 out of 10 is because
newer users will most likely get confused setting it up unless they have used other legit cheats before.

Visuals: 9/10
The visuals are very good in my opinion and I love that there is a grenade helper which shows you line ups.

Misc: 10/10
not many complaints about the misc tab. There are lots of great features.

Skinchanger: 5/10
The skin changer really needs an update. A lot of the knife animations are bugged (classic idle , Shattered web knives).
The gun skins work as expected and the gloves are a little buggy. It would be cool to see stat-track skins save
and maybe an inventory changer or sticker changer would be nice.

Menu: 6/10
The menu isn't very great. Its confusing to navigate and the text sometimes bugs if you change res.
but its just a menu so it doesn't matter that much

Detection: 10/10
I have not had any red trust or bans so far and I've heard the same from other reviews.

Overall I would give the cheat a 9/10 . there are a few things that could be worked on and i could see this cheat becoming a 10/10 after a few changes.