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    Check Trust Factor

    Could someone kindly add me on Steam and assist me in checking my current trust factor? I have recently encountered a significant number of blatant cheaters, and I would appreciate some assistance in determining my trust factor status. i'm currently in DMG
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    Trust factor determines the probability that the matchmaking system will match you with cheaters on the opposing team. No one really knows what affects your trust factor level apart from of course getting reported by other players. However, you can check your trust factor level without the help of other people. All you have to do is go to the "Looking to Play" tab and check how many people it shows, their ranks and accounts. Keep that in mind there are different levels of trust factors like high green, low green etc.

    •Green trust:
    Amount of people - 20. Should go up to 40 after refreshing and then back to 20.
    Ranks - Highest/lowest rank close to yours and slowly going up or down.
    Accounts - Prime accounts with multiple medals, pickems, operations etc.
    •Yellow trust:
    Amount of people - 10-20.
    Ranks - Highest/lowest rank close to yours and then a noticable jump between ranks.
    Accounts - Prime accounts with a small amount of medals. You might see nonprime people.
    •Red trust:
    Amount of people - 0-10.
    Ranks - Any ranks.
    Accounts - Any accounts.

    Things that may higher your trust:
    -Spending money inside the CS:GO Store (not the community market).
    Things that will lower your trust:
    -Getting reported.
    -Disabling VAC modules.

    Important! Valve flags people with very low trust factor. If it does not improve for a long time it is likely that the account is in a queue to be banned.

    Refference : https://www.iniuria.us/forum/showthr...cheating-guide

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