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    Lightbulb Feedback

    This is my honest feedback. For starters this cheat is very good, and I am happy with it, but like everything it can be improved.

    - Good things -
    • This cheat has the best visuals I have ever encountered. I really like the feature that allows it to only toggle when dead. It really makes Iniuria unique.
    • The cheat has a very low detection rate, good security and so far no detections for me.
    • Like very few cheats, Iniuria actually offers a lifetime subscription. (For some reason says it will expire in 2038 ← I intend to live longer)

    - Improvement -
    • I have noticed that I miss the explanation of some of the features. It would be nice if you could just hover over the name, and it would give a short description of what it does. Like the feature “humanization calculator”. I have no idea what that does.
    • I wish that I could use the numpad to enter numbers when configuring.
    • I miss that aimbot would shoot people through the wall when using rage/semi. Perhaps it's just me who sucks at configuring, but no matter what I do it won't shoot automatically through the wall.
    • I also miss AA features like looking backwards or to the side. It would make it easier to deal with obvious closet cheaters.
    • This might be difficult to achieve, but if possible, unload the driver without a restart so that I can play other games without risking getting banned. A friend of mine got banned in a game because of that. /:

    Anyway I hope this feedback will help, and I am looking forward to see a lot of good updates.

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    thanks mate for the wise update.

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