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    My honest review of Iniuria as a new customer.

    Having previously used a number of different chairs in CS:GO since roughly 2016 I had only heard good things about Iniuria.

    I never bought into Iniuria before as in 2019 my best friend made his own private chair for CS. God rest his soul he passed away suddenly earlier this year, I looked at a number of different options for new chairs for CS2 before seeing glowing reviews of Iniuria.


    -Highly customisable
    -Excellent visuals
    -Stream proof (although I haven't actually had the need to do so, it is an option)
    -Excellent options as both a semi rage & closet/legit chair.
    -Dedicated staff who regularly respond to posts and keep the community up to date.
    -Price. For 15 Euro per month, a safe and well respected chair is very hard to come by.
    -Lack of red trust. From what I understand, red trust seems to be a bigger issue for most devs when compared to outright detection.
    -Interactive community, people posting their own configs to test out, sometimes allows me to discover interactions with certain options I never thought of.


    -No outstanding weakness from my experience. (Other than people crying about the knife skin changer not working on every damn forum post).

    Overall, for a public chair, I can't really fault Iniuria and would recommend it to anyone looking to get a chair for CS2.

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    Thanks for your review.

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