So ive been using this for a good two weeks now, and thought i would make a testimonial.
Like: Very good legit, lots of customization, with a few good tweaks you're off to a great legit pub/scrim/league aimbot.
Dislike: The ragebot is sometimes innacurate.
ESP 10/10
Like: Far ESP Is amazing, i can see across the map unlike other cheat brands. So many ESP Options, healthbar being my favorite.
Dislike: None
Bunnyhop 10/10
Like: Very fast, never messes up.
Like: Pretty Accurate
Dislike: Sometimes fails, ill shoot and see it spray to the side.
MENU 10/10
Like: Very easy to use, never glitched for me once.
OTHER: Good against VAC3
If you are looking to cheat in ESL or scrim and be "legit" you must buy this hack. It is worth the price.