I've used Iniuria in the past back in CS:GO and I expected nothing but a high standard, following my (and everyone elses) smooth experience with the software. I've used it for a couple of hours now and it's delivered exactly what I expect from Iniuria - an amazing product.

I personally think a few things can be added; however I understand the cheat is new* and other things are undergoing priority:
- Grenade helper**
- More cham materials
- Advanced & basic aimbot sections (advanced settings can be toggled to view the current aimbot features, whereas basic will be default and will display aimbot settings for people with a lower understanding, as there's a lot of features on there that even I don't understand)
- Circle radar
- Hitmarker & hitmarker sound

* Obviously referring to the CS2 build
** Im aware grendare PREDICTION is already a thing, but I think grenade helper would be cool to know where to stand and aim for certain grenades

I came to Iniuria after a bit of research, as many CS2 cheats currently on the market are ones that I've never heard of and only came following CS2, and came to Iniuria as I trusted it throughout the CS:GO days.
Have a good day, thanks for reading.
- Zyrix (well my acc name is xet but dont worry about that)