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    Thumbs up Very strong - an extensive review

    Aimbot/Wallhack both work remarkably well without noticeably hindering performance from what I can tell.

    Great options for customizability. Can set each weapon class differently and even offers different settings for each weapon. ESP/chams also come with full rgb colour adjustments.
    (although cham alpha doesn't seem to work as it's always fully covering?)

    ESP skeleton + chams visible always has been my style. Gives you info and you can tell from coloured chams when you can legit see someone.

    Aim target/smoothing options for every need, but takes some time to set up correctly. Also missing the first-bullet feature.
    As in: You can not set up AK to have 1-tap aim as the pistols, but start doing smoothed RCS aim on 2nd/3rd shot.
    Pistols/AWP/Scout do have every setting you could need though.

    Some more activate/deactivate buttons would be nice for: ESP, health, weapons, bomb and so on. Sometimes important info, which you can not use because with them active all the time you kind of fuck up your visuals.

    Still, doesn't matter what your skill level is: You CAN appear legit and for those who can actually already click heads this will send you to 20k+ rating in no time with very clean looking demos.

    I did not test the triggerbot and auto shoot settings outside of practice map. Seems to be working, but that's where you lose legit status very fast in my opinion.

    Different configs lets you play legit for 99% of rounds and sometimes chime in with the full blatant mid deagle peek if you feel like it. (would be better with keybinds, but that's a rare feature)

    A potential concern I have is the injection method, as you just run that injection while Steam/Game is open and it feels kinda weird doing that. And no need to unplug partition/drive.
    But then again, I'm used to various private cheats in the past that worked with 3rd party anti-cheats; the injection process for those was far more complex, virtual drives, restarting, custom driver installation etc.
    Apparently this is fine for VAC though and you can just do that nowadays.
    Upside: when game crashes you can set it up again very fast. No need to make up excuses why you need restart and 3 minutes to join if you're playing with people you hiding from.

    Overall, for the price, this one ranks highly. The primary downside is the lack of support for 3rd anti-cheat systems, which means you will not get to cosplay a prodigy aimer on faceit.
    And you will lose to full-on ragehake that have better rage features.

    I give this one a near perfect score for what it wants to be.


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    iniuria is a public cheat, private cheats would be invite only.
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