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    [ENG] Iniuria CS:S FULL v3.0 Testimonial by 6077elctr0

    Well, to start off.. I have been around the cheating scene for a long time, since 2007, and It has taken me this long to finally use a legit cheat that seems to be right for me when playing CSS. I've used everything from that french guy's cheat to That polish guy's cheat, and this is by FAR the best legit aiming system available.

    Lets break the cheat down into parts. Aimbot, Triggerbot, ESP, Menu, and Security.

    Aimbot(Legit) [10/10]
    • The Aimbot for Iniuria is far superior then any other legit aimbots I have used. It is extremely customizable, and virtually shakeless.
    • There is a Vast amount of settings you can create for Iniuria, everything from Flickshots, to Movie Star settings, to League, or even Lan settings (if you are sneaky enough).
    • The "SCS," or Spray Control System is absolutely perfect for legit play. I have used a function for another cheat called "RCS," which tries to give you a "legit" no recoil, making your screen shake extremely hard for your view, and most of the time, for spectator and demo views aswell. SCS can achieve amazing spraydowns, and turn you into a pro gamer with any automatic weapon.
    • The Aimbot's Aimtime system allows the user to create their own "AimOnce" feature for each weapon, this seems to help Flick settings in particular because, with another cheat I have used, flickshotting would accidentally lock on to the second person on your screen (if their was one.) This way, you can flick shot someone with multiple targets within your FOV, which is a huge plus for moviemakers.
    • There is also an option for RAGE Hacking, which I tend to not use because you can "Rage" your opponents with very cheeky settings with the hack c:
    -- The only con I have for the Aimbot, is that there is no adjustable aimbot prediction, such as "Aim at nearest to your Crosshair", or "Aim at the closest enemy" but it is just a minor set back.

    Triggerbot [9.8/10]
    • The triggerbot on Iniuria is pretty good, It is very accurate, and activates at a fast rate.
    • The Triggerbot has a Hitbox, or a Multibox Method. Allowing the user to choose between All [Hitbox Here] Shots, or a mix between the available hitboxes. The autowall also works great with the hitbox method, allowing the user to make sick wallbangs with weapons such as the Awp, or the Deagle.
    • Iniuria also features a very amusing "Rage" Triggerbot, which is a viable replacement for flickshot aimsettings, if the user would rather have a crazy silent-aim like triggerbot, instead
    -- The only con I have for the triggerbot, is that it sometimes may miss a shot, or prefire, but not the traditional "Shoots before X sees Y" prefire, more like a shot that is so fast that it causes the hitbox to not register the physical hit, but it draws the blood-spot decal. [The game, of course, does play a part in this issue.]

    ESP [10/10]
    • The ESP for iniuria is very nice to look at, and features a great customizable Colour system.
    • The ESP comes with one of my FAVORITE features, the "AvDraw" or, "Headshot Helper." This helps the player achieve more frequent headshots by placing a locked dot on the top of the player bone, which is near the bottom of the models lower lip, that makes their head a more "visible" target.
    -- The only con I have for the ESP, is that the Health, Distance,Weapon, and other etc features are not drawn with the FAResp, but it is definitely not a deal breaker.

    Menu [10/10]
    • The menu for Iniuria is by far one of my favourite looking menu's I've seen. it is clean, Easy to read and use, and is laid out in a very user-friendly fashion.
    • The number boxes are fully editable, and the configuration system is very good, and it is fully customizable when considering the colours of every window, box, and text.
    -- There are no cons to Iniuria's Menu.

    Security [I Don't Care/There is always a risk]
    • To be quite honest with you, I have cheated for so long, and have been vacced by other providers so many times, that I really could care less about the core security of the cheat. Iniuria's is pretty standard at the moment, but when 64bit gets ring0 protection, there will be less, if any, detections in the future.
    • As of right now, Iniuria is Undetected on 64bit Systems, and fully supported with ring0 protection on 32bit systems. So I do not see any problem with using the cheat as it is right this moment.
    -- There is always a risk to cheating, whether it is ring0, or not, you always have a % that your cheat may or may not get detected. And there is no way of knowing when VAC is going to update, or if the cheat is actually detected, until 2 weeks after the initial detection was made, aka You or your friends were banned.


    If you are looking for a legit way to cheat on CSS, Iniuria v3 is probably the best option.
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    Thank you for your nice testimonial.

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